New Adventures



After 7 years as a Special Education Teacher and 7 years teaching 5th grade, I am embarking on a new journey as a district-wide Mobile Learning Coach (MLC). Technically, I will be employed half-time as a MLC and half-time assisting Burlington teachers with implementation of the new educator evaluation system. Realistically, I will be employed full-time supporting educators with planning and showcasing instruction and learning across the district.

Some ways in which I hope to assist teachers:

Workflow & Organization

  • Google Classroom
  • Edmodo
  • File Transfer, Storage, Organization
  • Paper Reduced workflow and assignments


  • Classroom Websites, Blogs
  • Social Media in/for the classroom
  • Email Management: Lists, Folders, Services

Student Learning

  • Lesson Augmentation/Tech Integration
  • Routines for Device and Classroom Tech Management
  • Documenting Student Learning
  • Differentiation / Intervention Tools and Techniques

Evaluation and Professional Learning

  • Productivity Tools
  • TeachBoost: Evidence Curation for Evaluation
  • PD/PLN Development: RSS Feeds, Twitter, Google+
  • Teacher Learning Resources

What have I missed?  In what other ways can I assist you in my new role?


About Diana Marcus

Mobile Learning Coach and Educator Evaluation Support for Burlington Public Schools (MA)
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