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Check your Keyboard Settings

Recently, a teacher reported that the Google Docs app on student iPads was not conforming to the expected iOS typing conventions such as automatically capitalizing the first letter of a sentence and inserting a period when the spacebar is pressed twice. If … Continue reading

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Photography in the Classroom and on the Playground: iPads and Google Drive

It was a great day at Drumlin Farm for Mrs. Levesque’s kindergarten students earlier this month.  As students learned about animals and the farm, Mrs. Levesque and parent chaperones used the class iPads to document student learning.  These pictures and videos … Continue reading

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Keeping your Chromebook Up-to-Date

Chromebooks require very little in the way of maintenance – just make sure you run updates when you need to in order to keep things running smoothly.   The picture below shows you the Chrome Update Available icon you’ll see … Continue reading

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