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Uploading iPad Photos, Videos, and More to Google Drive

About a year ago, I posted on uploading photos to Google Drive on the iPad.  Although the process remains pretty much the same, recent updates have added buttons and icons look a little different since the recent updates. For a quick step-by-step … Continue reading

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YouTube and Evernote Web Clipper

Everywhere I go, I find inspiration for lessons and blog posts. Evernote helps keep it manageable. Someone gives me a business card, I scan it into my contacts with Evernote’s iPhone app.  I read an article or find a website … Continue reading

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Comic Book Layouts for Book Creator!

A huge shout-out to Ben Schersten, ITS at Francis Wyman, for alerting the department to the latest update to Book Creator, one of our foundation apps. Students can now publish comic books using a variety of layouts and add content they’ve … Continue reading

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