Math & Basketball!

Screenshot 2017-05-03 at 10.08.33 AMDid you know that every BPS teacher has access to Discovery Education?  And Discovery Education is more than just video clips.  Check out this virtual field trip to the NBA where students can learn about the math involved in basketball. The VFT isn’t live, but the Twitter chat later in the afternoon on May 4th is, allowing you to view the VFT in the morning, collect student questions, and have them answered starting at 1:00 EST.  Can’t watch on May 4th?  No problem, the VFT is on demand.  Discovery Education also provides classroom activities to extend student engagement.

Some virtual field trips are live and others are on demand.  Previous topics included the engineering behind safe driving and the risks associated with e-cigarettes.  In addition to the NBA VFT, check out the upcoming VFT on May 11th on The Science Behind Your Food.

Speak with your Learning Commons team, Teacher-Librarian, or Tech Integration Specialist for more information on incorporating the wide range of digital resources available to you into teaching and learning in your classroom.

About Diana Marcus

Mobile Learning Coach and Educator Evaluation Support for Burlington Public Schools (MA)
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