National Park Service Resources

national park service search bar

Finding multimedia to use in your teaching without copyright infringement concerns can be a challenge.

One source to check out for Social Studies/History, is the National Park Service media collection.

harvesting ice in jamestown

With over 26,000 photos, 2,100 videos, and 600 audio files the National Park Service media collection provides a wealth of material, most of which is in the public domain.  A copyright symbol © indicates that the creator may retain some rights to the work, but in all of the searches I’ve done for materials to use in classroom projects, I have not yet run into that situation.

You can even access one of the more than 110 webcams that NPS has set up around the country, including this one of Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park.

Burlington Public Schools faculty looking for help in integrating these or any other digital resources into your teaching and learning, please email me at or book a time using the online service linked in the sidebar.


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