Finally!  Co-teachers in Google Classroom

It turns out that the answer to the question, “Does anyone ever read those feedback remarks?” is yes!  One of many comments I submitted when Google Classroom first went live last year was about having multiple teachers for a class. This would accommodate a variety of teaching arrangements, including teachers with Instructional Assistants, co-teachers, job-sharing, etc. but didn’t appear to be a priority for Google developers. 

It seems a lot of other educators must have had the same request as the email below arrived this evening. If you are already using Google Classroom, the process for inviting other teachers is pretty straightforward. If you haven’t yet started with Google Classroom, consider inviting me or Jenn Scheffer to show you how it can simplify communication and work flow in your class. 

What other features would you like to see added to Classroom?

Thanks! Your feedback helped us improve Classroom.

Hi there,

We’ve launched the ability to add multiple teachers! You’re receiving this email because you previously submitted feedback requesting this feature. We heard you loud and clear.

You can invite other teachers to join your class to help coordinate class activities by inviting them on the class resource page. Added teachers receive an email invitation, and the class resource page is updated to show the names of invited teachers in gray. To join the class, the teacher must click a link in the email or sign in to Classroom and click Accept on the class card. Students can’t see the teacher in the class until the invitation is accepted. Currently, you can only invite teachers to a class using the web version of Classroom. For more information, check out the Classroom Help Center and user forum.


The Classroom Team

About Diana Marcus

Mobile Learning Coach and Educator Evaluation Support for Burlington Public Schools (MA)
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