Girls’ STEM Summit

Unless you’ve been hiding under a very heavy rock lately, you know there’s a real concern about how girls and women think about themselves in relation to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education and careers.  Women represent only 24% of the STEM workforce, despite the fact that those in STEM fields make 33% more, on average, than women not employed in STEM.¹  If we are to close this participation gap, we need to engage and support girls and women in STEM with opportunities for learning and strong role models.

The following STEM Summit is limited to 250 students in grades 8-12 so students interested in attending should register soon.  There is a $55 registration fee, but scholarships are available for those who cannot pay the fee.

Please distribute the information to students you feel would benefit from this opportunity.  Clicking on the graphic should take you to a downloadable / printable PDF.GSS-Statewide-2015

¹ Accessed 12/6/2015

About Diana Marcus

Mobile Learning Coach and Educator Evaluation Support for Burlington Public Schools (MA)
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