Women in STEM – Annie Jump Cannon

Annie Jump Cannon Google DoodleToday’s Google Doodle celebrates the birth and work of Annie Jump Cannon, a pioneer in the field of astronomy. Cannon, along with Cecilia Payne, was instrumental in developing the spectral-based stellar classification system still in use today. In addition to classifying more stars in her lifetime than any other person, Cannon went on to lead the way in helping women gain acceptance and respect in the scientific community.

The work of Annie Cannon and the rest of “Pickering’s Harem,” is highlighted in the “Sisters of the Sun” episode (Episode 8) of Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, available for streaming on Netflix or Amazon Instant Video.

For children’s books on women in astronomy, check out Annie Jump Cannon, Astronomer or Look Up! Henrietta Leavitt, Pioneering Woman Astronomer.  Don’t forget to check out the biography section of the A Mighty Girl website for more books about women and girls in science.

Annie Jump Cannon Book Cover

Look Up








For adult readers, see the Madame Curie Complex: The Hidden History of Women in Science to explore how women have transformed science and the role of scientists despite the persistent perception of science as a predominantly male profession.

Madame Curie Complex









Editorial Note: Please consider your local independent bookseller when purchasing books.


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