Photography in the Classroom and on the Playground: iPads and Google Drive

It was a great day at Drumlin Farm for Mrs. Levesque’s kindergarten students earlier this month.  As students learned about animals and the farm, Mrs. Levesque and parent chaperones used the class iPads to document student learning.  These pictures and videos can be used in classroom blogs and newsletters, offering a glimpse into the classroom and allowing parents to see what students are doing.

The iPads (4th generation) distributed to elementary staff this year take 5 megapixel still shots and shoot 1080p HD video with video stabilization, which should make them your go-to device for taking pictures and video in your classroom or on the playground.

You may choose to leave your pictures on the Camera Roll or save to cloud-based storage such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

To upload your pictures from your iPad to your Google Drive, simply follow these steps:

Open Google Drive on your iPad.  To store your pictures in a particular folder, be sure to open the folder as well.

Click on the + button and select Upload Photos or Videos.

photo Gdrive 1


If this is your first time uploading photos, you will need to give Google Drive access to your photos.

photo gdrive 2


Click on the thumbnails of the pictures you wish to upload and then click the check in the blue square at the top right-hand corner.

Your pictures should begin to upload and you will see them appear in your Google Drive folder.

photo gdrive 4


sd card image

Some teachers still have digital still and video cameras in use in their classrooms.  As you switch over to using your Chromebook, you may find some compatibility problems.

If your camera uses an SD card, you can easily transfer photos by removing the SD card from the camera and inserting it into the SD slot on the right side of the Chromebook.

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Mobile Learning Coach and Educator Evaluation Support for Burlington Public Schools (MA)
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