Sharing URLs With QR Codes

Let’s say I wanted my students to see this blog post by Jenn Scheffer on how to put a shortcut on my iPad homepage.

adding icons blog

Or, I wanted my students to go to this great video on YouTube that shows the same thing.  I could write this URL” or this one” on the board and have my students type it into the address bar.  Or, if they are proficient with using Gmail or Google docs, I could just share the link in an email or a GDoc and they could click on it.  But the longer the URL or the younger the student, the more likely students will struggle and make errors.

QR (Quick Response)Codes, are an easy solution, connecting devices to a website with just a scan and a click.  Creating QR Codes for classroom use is a simple process  and save valuable time.


Creating QR Codes

There are a number of apps and websites for creating codes.  I created the QR Code below at Enter or copy the target website address in the box and the code will be generated automatically.  Choose how you will share your QR Code: embeddable html code, image link, or print.  You can even set the size and border style.
QR Code QR Code Generator





Navigating to Websites with QR Codes

However you share your QR Code, students can scan them using an app such as QRafter.  In three taps and no typing, students can navigate to any website.


qrafter iconQrafter post scan A







If you have any questions on using QR Codes, contact me by email at or use the Book Now link in the right sidebar.

About Diana Marcus

Mobile Learning Coach and Educator Evaluation Support for Burlington Public Schools (MA)
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